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Junsuke Kinoshita


Born on October 12, 1965 in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. Junsuke is related writer Hiroshi Kikuchi. From childhood to high school Junsuke practiced baseball. After that, he continued his studies at the International University of Budo, then joined a kung-fu group at the Shaolin Temple. Junsuke speaks at international competitions and gets acclaimed at competitions across Japan. During his studies he began to actively participate in theatrical performances, which gave a start to his career as an actor. After graduation he studied acting at the Japanese actress Kaori Momoi. He participated in many television and stage adaptions demonstrating a natural effect of presence and true delivery.

Starting from amateur films, he took part in various television series, films and other projects of different genres. In 2007 he debuted as a director with “Palm line.” The work was awarded the Audience Award at the International Film Festival in Tokatsu. In 2008 he was critically acclaimed by the Japanese Film Festival in Russia for his work in Japan and abroad.

Since 2010 Junsuke has lived and worked in Moscow. He entered the Russian Institute of Cinematography named after Sergei Gerasimov. He studied theory of editing with Natalia Tapkova. From 2012, he worked on a documentary titled “Tamasi” on a Japanese dancer Morihiro Iwata. In March 2014 the film premiered.

Junsuke participates in many Russian TV and movie projects as an actor.

Junsuke also provides service in astrology, palmistry, and feng shui. His customers include many politicians, businessmen, and artists.

Junsuke has written 4 books on fortune-telling and released three DVD’s. In 2008 he recorded a mobile (application?/ringtone?/game?) “Future in three months’ time”.

Honors an Awards

  • 1996 “Echika” – prize for the best first appearance
  • 2008 «Masukake-sen” – Audience Award for Best Director at the International Film Festival in Tokatsu, Japan
  • 2015  「 魂 」”Tamashi  Morihiro Iwata. The Graduation ” Japanese Serbia Film Festival  official invitation ,Beograd Serbia


  • 2015  “The East and the West. Classic and avant-garde ” 12.09 – 09.18.2015 Orenburg
  • 2016   The XIV International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI
  • 2019    Film Festival 2019 “Eiga Koshien”
  • 2020   The XVIII International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI
  • 2022   The XX International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI
  • 2023   XIII Moscow International Horror, Action and Fantastic Film Fesival & Awards «КАПЛЯ»
  • 2024   International Film Festival  “Капля Славы”


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